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Wool striped scarf – Tutorial 2013-04-15 09:26

Striped scarf - finishedStriped scarf - button hole
A light yet warm scarf, combining fabric remains of this and this design. I actually made it some time ago, as a present for 2 babies… Which are already kids now!

As we’re in Sweden, the only season we don’t need scarves or beanies is summer (sight), so I’ll need to update my baby’s warm winter scarves into a-bit-less-warm spring scarves, probably by only using cotton.

Regardless of which kind of fabric you use, this design is very easy to make:
– Cut a 75 x 15 cm rectangle into 2 fabrics (or 2 rectangles in the same fabric)
– Pin the 2 fabrics in place, front sides facing each other
– Sew using a straight stitch with a 0,8cm sewing allowance, leaving a 4 cm opening somewhere so you’ll be able to turn the scarf front side out once sewn
– Cut off the corners at a diagonal, cutting near the tip of the seam, but not too close (this step is to have nice and sharp looking corners once turned right sides out)
– Turn the scarf front side out, and poke out the corners with something pointy, like a pen or a sushi stick
– Sew the remaining opening using the same stitch and allowance as previously
– Optional step for a greater finish, sew the border of the scarf with a straight stitch and a 0,5cm sewing allowance
– As kids are always moving, jumping, running to their next adventure, you might want to skip the step when you traditionally tie the scarf around their neck and watch it untie by itself in the next 2 minutes… And use a smart buttonhole to just slide-tie the scarf, and watch it remain tied for the next hour or so :-)
Use the buttonhole stitch on your sewing machine and make a 6 cm hole at about 20 cm from one of the side of the scarf.
– Use the seam ripper to open it, et voilà, you’re done!

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