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Red cloud cardigan 2013-04-08 12:24

Cloud cardigan Close-up buttonClose-up lace

Yet another baby cardigan! This time for little Garance in Paris, who was born 1 day before Lucía. I love this wrap design so much I’m thinking about making one for adults (read: for me! for Romain!). For next fall maybe.

Is it something that you already do, picking ideas and inspiration for adults designs from kids designs?

The sun has been shining so bright those last few weeks that it would be considered as a crime not to spend my days outside. So, sorry dear sewing machine and beautiful fabrics, I know you’ve already been waiting for quite some time now but you’ll have to wait a little bit more before I start my next sewing project!

Similar cloud fabric used for a scarf here. Other baby wrap cardigans here and here.


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  1. rom4in says:

    Moi? Avec des nuages??

  2. isa says:

    Ou avec des rayures? Je parlais de la forme…

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