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Striped wool and cotton baby cardigan #2 2013-03-22 16:29

20130322-163252.jpg20130322-163143.jpgRim och ramsor

This wrap cardigan just got a bigger brother, in almost the same warm wool fabric – just a different color.
For the inner fabric of the cardigan, I recycled one of my boyfriend’s old cotton tee that was of the exact same hue than the greenish-grey stripes. Maybe my baby girl won’t grow up too quickly so she’ll be able to wear this cardigan all spring long, while playing or reading books outside…

…Books like any by Camilla Lundsten, the drawings are so cute and the stories smartly told. We really like the “Äntligen” book serie and “Bebisens roliga rim och ramsor” (pictured), which contains songs and the corresponding choreographies to perform with your baby. Fun!

… Also pictured, my good old yoga mat from Adidas by Stella Mc Cartney. Which is having a 2nd life now as a baby crawling mat!

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